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Reverend Mother is a curious mix of J-Lo and Mrs. Doubtfire! A dubious “authority on everything”, she’ll mumble and tumble over colloquial expressions and worldly quips! It’s clear to all…she doesn’t know what she’s talking about!!
“ I have no sense of direction so, dear Sister Dementia bought me this gizmo for the convent car.
It’s a DVD…UPS….RPM…oh never mind …it’s an LMNOP SOMETHING!…a GPS..That’s it! …for the SVD,..uh..SUV!”

WHAM Radio; Don and Mary Alhart Ch 13; Kevin Williams Ch 10; Red Fidele; Episcopal Church Centennial; M/M Charles Walgreen III; The Congel family Reunion; Father Bill Donnelly; Mercy High School faculty/staff; Rochester Business Journal; Rochester City School Retirees; Wilmot Cancer Center; Unity Health System; Jewish Home; Legacy Independent Senior Housing; Sisters of Mercy; Knights of Columbus.

One of the most memorable highlights of the Reverend Mother “experience” is her outrageous collection of irreverent artifacts. She integrates these props with effortless skill and audience members line up to purchase them. 

UH-OH! Nun are for sale! ..just a tease!

Our Lady of Guadalupe tattoos; After Dinner Mints from the Last Supper; Bobblehead Jesus; Pope Francis Pope Soap on a Rope; the Reverend Mother Fishing Lure; a chocolate thong; jewelry made from old church bulletins; 12 Apostles Wall Clock (Hallelujah Chorus RAP)…and so-o many more.

Dressed in an authentic nun”s habit (circa 1950’s), she’ll crash your party/event
and proceed to grill the unsuspecting honoree, couple, group. Provide her with anecdotal information one week ahead and watch her reduce your boss to a whimpering, defenseless second grader!


Among her VICTIMS/CLIENTS: actor,Michael Keaton; Tom Golisano; Bishop Matthew Clark; Judge Joseph Valentino; Ferdinand Jay Smith; WXXI; Jim Salmon

Buddhist,Methodist, Jew, Agnostic, Catholic, Atheist - no one escapes her Hit List!
She knows how to work a room.
If you’re avoiding her, hiding in the bathroom…she’ll barge in  (wireless mic)and remind you to  “ get your buns out there,Bucko and don’t forget to wash your hands!”

Reverend Mother travels the Continental USA and Canada……
For Heaven’s Sake…call Her! 585-366-4775
God Loves You…some restrictions may apply.

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